4. Wormhole to truth

Wormhole to truth

Society demands a quick fix, instant gratification, pleasure on demand, fast food, fast everything.
Humanity has been trained to expect this.
Temporarily substituting the desire for absolute freedom for all of your goals, is the ultimate quick fix, the ultimate easy answer.
Try it rather than mock it.
You mock yourself when you don’t investigate possibilities outside of your little thinking box.
You cannot risk missing out on your free ticket to everything, so be careful what you reject.
Unless you are willing to try, you will never know its power.
It is your truth made clear and your way made certain.
Seek this one thing and you cannot go wrong.
It is the summary of all that you could ever desire, bundled up in two little words, absolute freedom.
There is no need for intermediaries to explain it to you or to guide your thoughts.
You don’t need religious institutions to interpret so that they can feed you the leftovers.
The path is open to every living thing in this reality.
No person or life form is in a hopeless situation.
All that is required is that you apply this simple phrase, “I wish for absolute freedom”, for a mere 2 weeks of your life.
Constantly remind yourself, that no matter what happens, you are on the road to absolute freedom.
Whether your problem is an illness or a difficult situation, look at it as just another station along the way to absolute freedom.
Know that nothing can stop you achieving the goal of absolute freedom.
Regardless of whether you are in prison for life or on your death bed, these words will change you in a most positive way.
Whether you are steeped in poverty or dripping with wealth, they will lead you out of your mental hell.
It is a simple phrase, so easy to remember and its application will undeniably lead to its proof.
Each and every person can verify the power of these keys, absolute freedom, simply by applying them in every situation for 2 weeks.
There is no group to belong to, no person or god to answer to and it is all done silently within.
You can test its truth for yourself, by quietly observing the way your own life changes as you put the words in motion.
You do not need anybody else’s testimony.
You do not need anybody else’s approval.
You only need the commitment to give it a go.
At least try, nothing else you have ever been taught has effectively empowered you to bring about the positive changes you yearn for.
Humanity is on the brink of disaster.
They are on the verge of suffocating darkness.
This promise is a personal lifeline to guaranteed safety and satisfaction.
There is no dogma or religion attached to it.
It is not philosophical or magical.
Nobody owns the rights to it and it is not commercial.
It is simply opening your mind to the vastness of your inner self using two simple keywords, absolute freedom.
Ignore the author of these words, he is not important.
All that matters is that you do something about them now.
Ignore your doubts, that’s just your mind being afraid of the unknown.
Take responsibility for your world by reprogramming your future.
At present you are like a canoe floating down the rapids heading for a monstrous waterfall.
Absolute freedom is the simple command that will nudge your canoe into a quiet estuary, away from the dangers you are facing.
Your ego will want to argue and tell you that this is stupid and that you are above this sort of talk.
For once ignore it and admit you don’t know anything.
Your mind will want to get lazy and try and stop you from repeating the words.
It will tell you that they are weird, not what you have been taught and therefore they must be wrong.
Most of what you have been taught came from the mind of big brother, why would you want to hold such things close to you?
For 2 weeks ignore both your mind and your ego and just plough onwards towards your goal of absolute freedom, like a person obsessed.
Throw out your doubts, breathe it in and breathe it out with passion.
Feel it and live it, then you will believe it.
Go to sleep with the words and wake up with the words.
Mark your calendar now and start, then watch for amazing changes.
Change is inevitable because you are giving the universe permission to realign your life so that it heads towards the most wonderful goal imaginable.
You are gathering all of your ideals to one point.
You are redefining your scattered thoughts so that they are united in one direction.
You are refining your life so that at last, you know where you are going.
You are a creator, you do it all of the time, these worlds will remind you.
You don’t believe you are a creator because your thoughts are all over the place and you rarely see direct results.
Focus your thoughts and you will achieve your dreams.
You will understand that you are a powerful creator and it is natural.
You may as well focus your dreams on the biggest dream possible.
Why would you settle for less?
You have settled for less all of your life and it only left you dissatisfied.
The wish for absolute freedom is like an assassins bullet that pierces every obstacle in the way to hit the target straight on, fair and square with no error.
It is simple and direct without any obligation or demand, other than you keep it as your focus for 2 weeks.
This will establish it as a reality in your life and override your doubts as to its authenticity.
It will define your goals and set you on the way to true happiness and creativity.
This is the backdoor to remembering, the easy path back home, a wormhole to the truth.
Guaranteed to work or your money back…