13. Village idiot

Village idiot

When you seek absolute freedom, you are not going to suddenly become spiritually exclusive or mystically enlightened.
Nor will you be the great wise one or a god amongst mere mortals.
You will not instantly become a charismatic personality nor the life of the party.
Seeking absolute freedom is not seeking a superior position in life, rather it is trying to bring yourself up to normal.
You are trying to return to what you really are, an eternal creator, living freely within the infinite.
At the moment you are acting like a fool in somebody else’s creation.
You are living on borrowed ideas that have buried your identity.
You are living way below what you actually are.
You are like an ocean liner, pretending you are a rowboat.
You are like a jumbo jet, imagining that it is a paper kite.
You are like a luxury car, thinking it is a pair of sandals.
You are the sun, pretending that it is a grain of sand.
You are an eternal something, acting like a village idiot.
When you remember, you will not be destined for glory and amazing cosmic happenings.
Nor will a giant finger come out of the sky and say “good girl” or good boy”.
You are waking up from a bad dream, that’s all.
It’s really no big deal.
After it has happened, you will cringe to think that you could have been any other way.
The system makes it out to be a big deal and an almost impossible task because it wants your mind to believe it is an unreachable goal.
Absolute freedom will take you back to normal.
It is practical and realistic.
All of the hype is just another new age fantasy, another unattainable religious carrot.
God is you.
Everybody is a god.
God only means creator.
You are the creator that you used to be awe-struck by.
It is an ordinary process you are going through.
Nobody and nothing really cares except your own intuition.
It is your intuitions job to wake you up, to inform you that it is you.
Nobody will want to hear about your waking up experience, they’ve all got their own problems which keep them quite busy.
So stop making a big deal of it and keep your silent focus on absolute freedom.
Stop pretending it’s so spiritual and you’re so special.
You are experiencing waking up, that’s all.
You will still be you and most likely, you won’t perform any more miracles than anyone else does.
Nor will you impress the masses with your holiness and superior wisdom.
And the good news is, you won’t have to wear white clothing and start practicing yoga or wear a funny hat and refuse to eat little furry animals.
Neither is it a spectacular out-of-body experience into the arms of a waiting deity.
You are going home, that’s all.
So settle down, follow the guidance of your intuition and keep a focus on your simple, singular goal of absolute freedom.