3. One wish genie

One wish genie

How can anybody find truth when there are so many obstacles to overcome?
How can you get past the confusing mental dump you carry around in your head?
Every positive thought gets swamped and drowned under years of negative ideas and beliefs.
How do you achieve a little understanding of life?
To get somewhere you have to intend arriving there.
If you want to visit a city, you have to know which city you want to visit and then focus on taking the necessary steps to get there.
Where do you want to go in life?
The answer is as varied as people.
In life, you have to know what you want so that you set a direction, a purpose.
If you don’t you will end up bored, unhappy and boring.
Nursing homes are full of people like that.
What do you want?
It’s a very difficult question for most people.
Instead of an answer, you will probably get a list.
There must be a simple way out of the mental mess that each human being is in.
What could you want that would be the perfect answer to all of your troubles and the perfect destination for all of your dreams?
Imagine having a magic genie pop out of your heart that says, “You have one wish, one wish only and it will come true.”
Imagine the contradicting ideas that would overload your mind.
Imagine desperately try to find the one tricky answer that would let your heart be fulfilled and your life made complete.
There are many stories written along these lines, trying to find the wish that results in a wonderful life.
Is there one request that will override all other desires and give you a life that is perfect for your unique style of individuality?
What could you ask of this genie so that you weren’t fooled by possessions or mere money?
Should you ask for love, happiness or wisdom?
What about wealth or power?
None of these things would cover your whole life needs.
They each only cover an aspect of your needs.
The answer is simple.
There is one overriding desire that is the answer of answers.
One that should be kept strong in your mind.
There is one powerful dream that will encompass all possibilities to give you a wonderful life.
I wish for absolute freedom.
I wish for absolute freedom.
I wish for absolute freedom.
That one wish will cover everything you could imagine.
Absolute freedom is your raw and natural state.
It’s what you, the eternal something, the infinite awareness already has but you forgot.
You forgot when you got lost in this reality.
You are a cosmic creator, you have absolute freedom already because it is what you are naturally.
You are a natural creator,
Your ability to create freely, is what put you into the mental prison you live in today.
You have always have the freedom to believe in whatever you wish and those beliefs turn into the reality that you see before you.
Unfortunately, you believed in the stories and lies you were told about this world and slowly these beliefs tightened.
They all rejected the heart and put emphasis on the physical world.
Every detail you swallowed restricted your life more and more until now, it seems as if there is no escape.
Your beliefs were borrowed and then they buried you.
You have believed yourself into a negative world where you have become the victim instead of the creator.
Subconsciously you are always yearning to be free and it causes you endless frustration.
Your conscious yearning for absolute freedom will change all of this.
“I wish for absolute freedom”, is a call to action to your intuition.
It gives permission to your intuition to twist and turn events so that you will be taken towards that simple goal.
Make your dreams revolve around the dream of absolute freedom.
Think about what it means.
Don’t allow your ego to get into the way and tempt you with distractions, it will only lead you into more unhappiness and bind you tighter to this world.
Imagine what it would be like to make your world, a world that is perfectly suited to you.
Imagine living without a worry of any kind.
Imagine having unlimited resources as you need them.
Imagine being free to come and go as the wind.
It’s all possible of course, if you are willing to give that one desire precedence over every other trivial fantasy you may have entertained up to date.
Trust the magic genie, your intuition and it will deliver the goods as promised.
Rub the magic lantern of your heart now and bring it to life, so that you can make your one wish clear.
Cement this one idea firmly in your heart and live it.
Then expect to see it.
You will not be disappointed.
Know that everything that happens from that moment on is taking you closer to your one obsession, absolute freedom.
It’s the simplest way out your mental mess.
There is nothing like it.
It is the dream of dreams, the answer of answers, the key to all keys.
It’s the key that gurus, saints, wise guys and spiritual leaders have promised forever but never found themselves.
It is your answer to everything, absolutely all understanding and all wisdom.
It will reveal more happiness and joy than you can imagine.
You don’t need your genie to give you three wishes.
You only need this one.
I wish for absolute freedom.
I wish for absolute freedom.
I wish for absolute freedom.
Lock it into your heart now.
Lock it into your thoughts now.
Go to sleep thinking about it.
Wake up considering what it means.
Live it and don’t let it fade.
This is the answer that the whole world seeks.
You are a creator, it is your essence.
Existence is your putty.
You are free to create anything without limit, why not seek absolute freedom?
Ask your heart now.
Start thinking about it immediately.
I wish for absolute freedom.
I wish for absolute freedom.
I wish for absolute freedom.
It’s the only answer you need.
It’s the only destination worth arriving at.
It’s the sweetest answer you will ever hear.