10. Mountains of money

Mountains of money

There’s a pair of heavy wooden doors.
They are ancient, with dark and rusted hinges ornately scrolled across the battered timber faces.
These doors have been locked to keep the masses grounded and impoverished.
They hold back absolute wealth, enough to satisfy the whole world.
Who holds the key?
What is the secret to obtaining it?
What is the twist in plain sight that keeps it hidden, though it’s right under your nose?
Since childhood, you have heard countless stories that you believed about money.
Money doesn’t grow on trees.
We can’t afford that.
The cost of living is so high.
These ideas and thousands more have given you a mindset that thinks money is a limited commodity.
It’s not, it is endless.
There’s no limit to what you can have and to what is available.
It is more than a river, it is a whole ocean and you can tap into it anytime but only if you can get past your own negative ideas.
So what is the key to shortcutting the path to endless money?
What can you say that will cut through the dark jungle of misbelief and allow you to open free the doors of abundant wealth?
Absolute freedom is the key to the universe and those words will release everything, but not until you get past your money hangups.
The answer is simple.
If you want peace.
You have to feel the peace in your heart before you can be the peace you seek.
Then peace rises up to meet you halfway and you have it.
If you want harmony.
You have to feel harmony in your heart before you can be the harmony you seek.
Then harmony rises up to meet you halfway and you have it.
If you want wealth.
You have to feel the extent of wealth available so that you can be the wealth you seek.
Then wealth rises up to meet you halfway and you have it.
You don’t have to open the door, you simply pass through it.
You only have to vibrate in harmony with abundant money and you will pass through the barrier as if it does not exist.
You have to be comfortable with the idea of abundant money, before you can move into it.
Sit quietly and imagine the extent of money and wealth in this reality.
It’s all there, surrounding you, see it in all directions.
Imagine wealth, riches, opportunities, play and laughter, rivers and oceans full of gold and precious items, more than you could ever use.
To have money, you have to first get past your money barriers.
It’s not difficult, feel the wealth to attract the wealth.
You have now dissolved the last barrier.
It’s that simple.
Feel it, to be it.
You are a creator, that’s what creators do, they feel it, to see it.
Now you can let abundant wealth complete its job for you.
There are mountains of money impatiently waiting for you, to help you express your absolute freedom.