9. Mind bind

Mind bind

The mind has held the heart bound for eons.
The mind is the access point for trouble.
It is gullible and easily undermined by the ego.
Your ego promises endless glories.
At most they are short-lived but the mind doesn’t mind, it grabs at opportunities for self glorification.
Your mind does not mind your own business, instead it limits access to your intuition by loading up all manner of distractions.
It constantly fills your head with noise and false ideas.
It tries to retain all of your memories.
Most fade quickly but your mind makes up the details and slowly distorts the past to suit the ego.
Your past is a limiter, it leaves you stuck in an imaginary world.
Your real world is right here now in your heart, it’s called your intuition, your soul, your spirit, your true self.
Call it whatever makes you happy.
The truth does not need fancy names.
Your mind severely limits your intuition.
Bind the mind and leave your past behind.
Then your truth will be free.
It is made easy using the key words, absolute freedom.
It is an almost automatic process.
All you have to do is open the way through repetition of these words.
Absolute freedom.
Absolute freedom
Absolute freedom.
When you do this, you free your heart so that it can rule your mind.
When the heart binds the mind, you will have achieved absolute freedom.
When your heart rules your life, you are absolute freedom.