6. Lighter than air

Lighter than air

Absolute freedom is lighter than air.
It is the emptiness of no anticipation.
It is a void with no expectation.
It is all that you can desire that is wonderful.
All thought comes from absolute freedom.
Then the mind distorts it.
Absolute freedom only knows absolutely perfect answers to every problem.
Minds interfere and problems are not solved.
Existence arises from thoughts imposed upon the quantum world.
This is the unformed, most basic and raw essence of existence.
It is the thought-sensitive stuff that matter arises from.
What is sought as thought becomes a reality through reaction with the quantum.
Any and every thought creates, there is no preference or prejudice.
Simple, singular desires are distorted when they are filtered through the clutter of the human mind.
The mind thinks thoughts and they are immediately tainted by accumulated mental junk.
Thus what is seen, is rarely what was originally desired.
If a thought from absolute freedom was allowed to express without being filtered by the mind, the results would be perfect and instantaneous.
Absolute freedom is freely available to every living thing but fearful minds distort its message.
Your dreams made real, are never quite as you imagined them because your accumulated thoughts distort them.
You are the twister of your own fate.
Your mind adds angles and sharp bits where life could be smooth and polished.
All creative energy arises from the state of absolute freedom.
From there it is twisted and distorted by the mind that considers it.
The slightest negative taint or the vaguest hesitation will distort its expression.
Your thoughts are your future.
What you are thinking now could be coming up later.
There is no escape.
The further your thoughts wander form absolute freedom, the more difficult the road ahead.
Your negative beliefs continuously impose upon the quantum to create your crooked and unstable world.
The future for most people is sadly predictable.
Their lives are built upon cliches, borrowed ideas and stale memories.
Their future stretches out before them like a long and colourless prison corridor.
It contains very little that’s new, very little originality.
There are hardly any variations along the way.
There is no imagination and creativity is as good as dead.
They are slaves to their rigid and dull beliefs.
Their lives are a drab and dreary walk that ends in dissatisfaction and disappointment.
It is better to live the life of a bad guy, the renegade, the rebel, than to spend your years in a self-imposed prison bound by fear and stupidity.
Absolute freedom must be allowed to drive your life if you want to understand and grow into your truth.
Absolute freedom is not a place, not a where or even a why.
It is a state of rich, untold possibilities.
It is the spectacular, begging for expression.
It is the unknowable future, seeking a surprising outcome.
It is the universal potential for life, poised to express the unexpected, the amazing and the incredibly new.
Your mind thinks thoughts that impose upon the ideals of absolute freedom.
Your fears and beliefs distort its expression.
To the quantum, thoughts are instructions.
They are the plans to build your world upon.
Whether these thoughts are good or bad, foolish or fun, trivial or significant does not matter.
The quantum does not judge.
Rather, it is unbiased, unformed clay waiting for the potter to give hints as to his requirements.
An artist nudges the unborn quantum with her ideas.
Her intuition fills in the details by drawing from the absolute freedom of the infinite.
If the mind allows absolute freedom to impress upon the quantum then the amazingly wondrous will see light of day.
This is when miracles and magic appear to happen.
This is when the impossible occurs before your eyes.
This is when unbelievable coincidences become pivotal points of change.
Your absolute freedom comes from the heart of the infinite eternal thing you are.
It has no restrictions.
It knows no rules.
It does not believe in science or religion or cause and effect or rational thinking.
It does not care for any of humanities beliefs, they are all made up.
Nothing is real except your mind makes it so.
Absolute freedom openly expresses through any willing mind.
It expresses in ways that are perfectly suited to your most personal needs.
It is your vital and true essence.
Who could ask for anything more?
Who would not desire such a thing to be let loose in their life?
It should be common because it is the true heart of every living thing in this world.
However, it is lost because of the nature of this world.
In this reality, all avenues of understanding have been closed by imposing thoughts that are always winding the gullible mind, inward and tighter.
These thoughts always lead you further from understanding your own essence.
They have closed off your escape routes.
It is like a whirlpool that greedily drags everything into a cruel, dark hole of hopelessness.
This is the way every creature in this reality lives, bound tightly on all sides by crushing beliefs and submissive ideas.
It can all be left behind, simply by turning away from everything you have been taught and seeking absolute freedom.
This is a lifeline back to your own true heart.
This is an impossibly brilliant answer to the endless calls and echoes for help from this world.
You can bypass all of your anguish, quickly and cleanly by simply giving all of your attention, for a couple of weeks, to the simple phrase:
I am absolute freedom.
I am absolute freedom.
I am absolute freedom.
Don’t listen to your negative mind mocking you.
Ignore your ego telling you that it’s no big deal.
Get going now and you will never look back.
I am absolute freedom.
I am absolute freedom.
I am absolute freedom.