1. Time for change

Time for change

These words will reveal ideas about life that you have never come across before.
Your mind will not like them because they are not conventional.
Your mind is very limited and has no imagination so it rejects anything outside of its little kingdom.
Your ego will be jealous because it didn’t think of them, though it will probably pretend it did by saying “I already knew that”.
There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just the nature of the mind and ego.
If you are open-minded enough to apply the simple principles suggested, you will never be the same again, guaranteed.
A new and wonderful life will start to come about before your eyes and over a very short time.
Sounds impossible?
Of course it does, you’ve been tricked so many times since birth it’s no wonder you are dubious.
The good thing is that you can experiment quietly and privately to test it for yourself.
Nothing is required of you except focus.
There is no cost involved.
There is no obligation to the author.
There is no religious dogma or New Age magic to wade through.
It is not political or social.
There are no rules or limitations.
It is entirely personal and up to you.
If you follow through, you will soon start to see your own truth.
If you follow through, you will soon start to remember what you are.
Your world is your choice, it always has been.
This a chance for you to open wide your world in a simple and exciting way.
Prepare yourself for a cosmic revelation like nothing you have ever seen before.
Read on without prejudice or presumption and you will mark this as a turning point in your life.
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