8. Grand symphony orchestra

Grand symphony orchestra

I am absolute freedom.
I desire absolute freedom.
I want absolute freedom.
I demand absolute freedom.
Give me absolute freedom.
There are many ways you can say it.
It does not matter what you choose.
Absolute freedom is like a grand symphony orchestra, any words around it are like whispers in the audience.
They are not important.
Absolute freedom is the treasure you should seek, wrap it in whatever appeals to you.
The words are like a secret key you hold within.
This key unlocks the door of your self-made prison.
You could have done it by yourself but you would have had to work through many lifetimes, slowly breaking down your rigid belief system until you could let yourself free.
Don’t be too concerned with the technical stuff, just take advantage of this wonderful offer.
Absolute freedom.
Absolute freedom.
Absolute freedom.
It is a song to your true heart and the more you sing it, the closer you get to remembering what you are.
It’s no big deal really because it is all natural.
At the moment, you are like a man in prison with amnesia who forgot that he owns the whole world.
You should not be locked up in your mind, it is crazy.
You live within an infinite existence, what are you doing playing out your life in that little mental room?
Your deepest desires for freedom are real.
They are natural urges pushing through your troubled mind reminding you that you are trapped.
Absolute freedom will return you to a free state of awareness.
From there, who knows what will happen.
Each person is a unique world unto themselves.
The way that world operates is only understood by the creator of that particular existence.
Planet earth is someone elses world, filled with someone elses ideas.
You do not belong here.
You do not have to believe this worlds rules.
You are a creator, you have always created situations and possessions that you wanted but you were too blind to see how effective you are.
The rules and superstitions that dominate this world, do not have to be accepted by you.
Don’t rush out and break them but don’t accept them as immutable laws.
They are all made up.
While you are here, you have to go along with them but you don’t have to believe in them.
Turning your back on all that you have been taught is a giant step towards your emancipation.
Assume you are just a visitor abiding by the rules, not a slave bound by them.
It’s all very interesting but you really don’t want to stay in this hell hole longer than is necessary.
You have a whole universe to get back to and to play within.
You can’t do it until you get out of the sticky web and remember how to fly again.
Absolute freedom is the perfect destination.
It is an umbrella that covers every sweet dream you could ever have.
It fulfils every secret wish you hold.
It’s up to you to bravely step forward and take this opportunity.
You have nothing to lose.
Nobody is asking anything of you.
It is a silent and private task.
Override your cynicism and give it a go.