7. Call home now

Call home now

The seeking of absolute freedom has always been the underlying theme of your life.
To be free is the gnawing urge of every living thing.
It is hidden because it is covered in layers of negativity.
It was never intended to be a secret but it was simply forgotten when the mental load became too great.
Your truth was buried beneath a mountain of foolish ideas.
You need to bypass that mountain to get back to the source of your absolute freedom.
By calling the words, absolute freedom, you strike up a resonance between your heart and your mind.
They start to sing in harmony.
It’s not spiritual or religious or some sort of cosmic theater.
It is simply a shortcut to remembering.
It is a simple way of getting past the rubbish thoughts in your mind and going straight to the heart.
It is like a mother bear calling out for her lost cub in the wilderness.
Suddenly the frightened cub catches her sound and responds.
Then they continue calling back and forth as they draw closer together.
Eventually they are united and communication is natural again and all will be well for the little bear.
At the moment humanity feels frightened, alone and lost just like the little bear.
They cannot hear the call of the heart because it is lost in the din of their busy minds.
Suddenly, just when it is needed, out of nowhere comes this remarkable offer.
It comes fully guaranteed, at no cost whatsoever and I am tempted to throw in a set of steak knives.
But I won’t because this is supposed to be serious.
Repeat absolute freedom frequently over the next 2 weeks and your life will change remarkably for the better.
This simple statement will clear the way and make easy communication with your intuition possible again.
All you have to do, is seek absolute freedom by repeating it silently in your mind, over and over and over.
Do this for 2 weeks and you will break through any barriers you may have had.
Then you will know the sweetness of reunion with your true heart.
This is your natural state.
This is what you forgot about.
As soon as you start repeating the words, absolute freedom, you will start to see small changes, surprising events and happy coincidences.
Don’t dismiss them as mere luck, they are real effects.
Be aware of what is happening around you.
Observe the little things that occur over the two weeks.
You are on the edge of something wonderful as soon as you start singing your hearts song.
It is like being lost in a small boat at sea on a dark night.
Suddenly, you see the lights of the land and you know that all will be well again.
You belong on the land, not on the unpredictable, choppy sea.
Humanity lives on a rough sea of stormy emotions, it is not necessary.
It is like being lost in the jungle when you suddenly come across a well-worn track.
With a little effort, you know that you will soon be safe, back home again.
The words, absolute freedom are the pointers to that track.
Absolute freedom is your home, it’s where you belong, it’s your true heart.
By repeating the words, absolute freedom, you are simply calling home and asking them to meet you half way.
Don’t get carried away and imagine that it is a special super-duper spiritual experience that will put you on a first name basis with your favourite god.
That’s all ego.
Sure, amazing experiences happen to people but the only one of any value, is the reunion with your own intuition, your own true heart, your absolute freedom.
Only then, you will have no trouble understanding that you are an eternal something visiting this reality.
But your forgot, you simply forgot.
Don’t worry, you won’t get into trouble for forgetting and you certainly won’t have to beg some cranky god for forgiveness.
Within the 2 weeks, your life will begin to change dramatically.
Well that’s for you to discover.
Unless you’re willing to make that effort for a mere 2 weeks, you might not find out for a long, long, long time.
Call home now!
Here, I’ll give you the number.
Absolute freedom.
Absolute freedom.
Absolute freedom.