5. All of your dreams

All of your dreams

I am absolute freedom.
I am all of your dreams wrapped up in simplicity.
I am your perfect future and everything you could ever desire for happiness.
I am the easy truth that can simplify all lives and free them from the mental blocks that have imprisoned them in this world.
Absolute freedom is a wormhole to your truth, the direct route home, the invisible path to your heart.
Absolute freedom is the answer to every prayer, the elixir of life, the fingerprint of the cosmos.
Absolute freedom is the nectar of the gods, all truth unveiled, a stairway to the stars.
Absolute freedom is rain in the desert, light in the night and sunshine in the storm.
Absolute freedom is the fuzzy made clear, the unseen revealed, the uncertain verified.
Absolute freedom is a free ticket to ride, the first prize in an infinite lottery, the diamond in the dirt.
Absolute freedom is the last piece of the puzzle, the greatest secret revealed, the end of the search.
Absolute freedom fills in the gaps, dismisses the barriers and opens your mind to reality.
Absolute freedom brings your subconscious to the surface and releases your fears.
Absolute freedom is the complete solution for the world.
I am absolute freedom and as each person seeks me, the world will slowly turn to release the dark grip of ages.
I am the shortest path possible to the most wonderful results imaginable.
I am not religion nor philosophy, I am reality, vastly expanded on what you know now.
I am not status, wealth or power, I am all that you forgot you are.
I am not corporation nor government nor institution, I am a whole world beyond what you comprehend.
I am absolute freedom the only place you need to go to escape your frustrations and discontent.
Repeat my name until I fill your life.
Overlay the thought of me on every problem you have.
As you travel through each day, repeatedly remind yourself that I am your one overriding goal.
I am absolute freedom, I am a new revelation to the world.
I am a promise of relief, the means of easy escape.
I am in your heart, waiting for you to release me into your life.
You are absolute freedom but you have completely forgotten.
Call me so that I can help you remember.
I am absolute freedom.
I am absolute freedom.
I am absolute freedom.
Absolute freedom once heard, cannot be unheard, once spoken can never be unspoken.
Absolute freedom is a one way journey to remembering your power, your wonder and your truth.
I am absolute freedom, I am you.