12. Absolute freedom achieved

Absolute freedom achieved

When you have achieved absolute freedom:

You no longer answer to your ego, it has been minimised and ignored so that it is now too weak to rise up and damage your creation.
You are not limited by your mind, it has been bound so that it serves rather than rules.
Your heart is at peace, you are no longer rock and rolled by your emotions.
You are aware of your raw and natural state, the ability to consciously create.
Fear has been conquered because you realise that you are everything.
Anonymity is the norm, there’s no need to showoff within your own creation.
Life is a cosmic dance, you are at the point where the infinite meets the physical.
The physical world serves you as a stage on which to express your truth and joy.
You naturally and easily attract to you all that you visualise.
You are your intuition, your true heart, your long forgotten eternal self.
You are free to come and go as the wind, with barely a trace left behind.
You still have purpose and reason for as long as you want to express your heart-felt dreams.
You no longer fear death because you see that it is only a change, from one reality to another.
You are free to move between realities, places before that were unimagined.
You can quietly direct others to free themselves from the prison of their own beliefs.
You are still a human being living in a physical world but your mind is now free.
You are no longer aggressive and angry about the way this world is run because you understand the big picture.
You realise that every single person will eventually end up in a state of absolute freedom and each takes a different path to the top of the same mountain.
You will laugh to realise that there were never any rules, you are a cosmic dancer in an infinite ballroom and no one is keeping tabs on you.
You will be amazed at how few people will want to hear your revealing messages about life.
You will no longer be interested in world affairs because you will understand how contrived they are.
Your focus will be the bringing of subtle change to the world consciousness, through your unique and private way.
You will realise that you are the creator of our world and you can make it as wonderful as your heart desires.

Absolute freedom is the only treasure worth having.
Absolute freedom is the only destination worth travelling to.
Absolute freedom is the only song you need to sing.
Absolute freedom is your natural state, everything else is a compromise.